A few photos from Thursday’s event held Tesla Union in the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. Candidates who have taken part in the doc. Hippo and succeeded, then had a chance to ride by the depressed atractor, the mascot of Utesla festival. The promised pictures of lucky winners you can see below or here.Pár fotografií ze čtvrteční akce pořádané Uskupením Tesla v campusu FChT v Pardubicích. Zájemci kteří se zúčastnili soutěže prof. Hrocha a uspěli, měli poté možnost se svézt pokleslým atraktorem, maskotem festivalu Utesla. Slíbené foto šťastných výherců a výherkyň níže ke nahlédnutí a také zde.

Exhibition NanoSCOPE Redux

(26th May 2011 – December 2012, University of Pardubice)

The exhibition builds on the successful NanoSCOPE 2009 project (see Annex) focusing reflection of nanotechnology in art.  The exhibition takes place at Art gallery GAMA established directly within heart of S&T environs of the Faculty of Chemical Technology of theUniversityofPardubice.  With more than 3000 m2 of exhibition place it is the largest art gallery of its kind inCzechRepublic.  The choice of the environs of the Faculty of Chemical Technology allowed to emphasize themes linked to the local industrial tradition of industrial chemistry and chemical related research (such as paper, colorants, explosives), which at present cover also materials engineering and nanotechnology, to make the event more attractive for the target group.

NanoSCOPE Redux creates a set of “mini-galleries“ dedicated to each of the exhibiting artists in the inner and outer spaces of the faculty in which we work sensitively with a specific of the atmosphere and composition of the place.

The exhibited artists/artworks:

K. Gebauer / NANO-DWARFS / ANO-NANO – sculptures, textual installations, prints

V. Hajnová / PRINCIPLE OF ORDER – installations

P. Moško / ARTCHEMO – prints, manipulated photography

Č. Suška / SPHERES & CIRCLES / NANOTUBE / RUSTY NANO DESIGNS – objects and installations

L. Farářová / ONE WORLD ONE MOLECULE – object, prints

V. Doutlíková / THERMOPRINTS – collage

A. Lachman / PAROBOTS – prints, digital drawing and manipulated photography

L. Plíhal / EXPLOSITION 1 & 2– sculptural reliefs and objects

P. Kopřiva / NANOFACE, HIVOIM – video, prints, objects

I. Juzová / AROUND AND INSIDE US (S.Y.T.) – object

Amanita Design / QUESTIONAUT – point & click educational game

V. Psotková / NANOCOMPOSITION – object, photography

Z. Daněk / ACTIVE PAINTINGS – paintings

M. Hoza / CHEMICAL CONVERSION – prints, manipulated photography