Exhibition ART AND SCIENCE, at the University of Zaragoza

The exhibition focuses on show casing new media technologies such as sonification, audio signal processing, image processing and motion capture analysis as well as the artistic inspiration by scientific measurements, calculations and theories.  The scientific themes included DNA analysis and protenomics, investigation of polymers and liquid crystals, distributed biocomputing or non Euclidean geometry.

The exhibited artists/artworks:

Santiago Latorre / HUMAN GENOME – new media, sonification

José Ramón Beltrán / VARIATIONS – new media, AV composition using image wavelet transformation

ARSTIC Audiovisual Solutions / KINETIC COMPOSITION – new media, motion capture interactive installation

Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) / IBERCIVIS – new media, sonification

Marcos Serrano / SPACE TIME – sculptures

José Luís Serrano / ART & LIQUID CRYSTALS – prints

Using QR codes and virtual gallery, the following artists were presented:

Matěj Smetana / CRYSTAL_ instructions – new media, animation

Linda Čihařová / GENERAL LANDSCAPES / CONCRETE CREW – mix media, interactive animation

Amanita Design / QUESTIONAUT – new media, point & click educational game

The accompanying program to the exhibition consisted of several guided tours and seminars for students that were organized throughout the course of the exhibitions.