Exhibition After the Crash Orto Botanico in Rome

The exhibition presents a large mosaic of artworks encompassing Bio tech art, art inspired by astronomy, meteorology, geology, nano-technologies, climate changes, cell renewal, the culture of science, medicine, scientific collections, biodiversity and conservation, ecological art , art dealing with link between science and politics.

The exhibited artists/artworks:

Justin Cooper / Serie ‘ Saved by Science ‘ ( photos and video )

Trevor Paglen / The Other Night Sky ( photos serie )

Ravi Agarwal / The Sewage Pond’s Memoir ( realize for the exhibition )

Damir Ocko / The Moon shall never take my Voice, HD video │ sound │ color │ 2010

Donato Piccolo / „I hope impluvium“ ( Installation – realize for the exhibition )

Emmanuelle Villard / Installations and paintings ( realize for the exhibition )

Francesco Patriarca / Migrations ( Installation – realize for the exhibition )

Wout Berger / Mixed series ( photography )

Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk / The Andromeda Strain ( photos )

Marek Kvetan & Richard Fajnor / Mister Bra ( new version for the exhibition ) Video Installation

Klaus Thymann / Diffraction limited portraiture and abstracts ( Installation of 26 photos – realize for the exhibition )

Gino De Dominicis / ‘ Autoritratto di Franco Rustichelli ‘ ( painting )

Steven Siegel / Biography ( Installation )

 The accompanying program to the exhibition consisted of several workshops and seminars for students, which were realized by participating artist and scientists at the opening of the exhibition.

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